iCare Benefits at Stock Exchange of Thailand Social Impact Day 2016

Ryan Galloway, Global Director of Strategy at iCare Benefits was one of the guest speakers at the event of Stock Exchange of Thailand "SET Social Impact Day 2016" on 28th of July 2016. The event was held with the theme "Sustainable Consumption Reform for Next Growth" aiming to inspire business on the social impact return. There were participants from 400 Thai listed companies and social enterprises from the region. iCare Benefits was an inspiring example of a social enterprise for the participants. Its sustainable business model and proven positive impact on workers at the bottom of the economic pyramid shows that solutions from private sector may address social issues faster and more effectively. iCB is disrupting the poverty cycle and reliance on informal lending by providing safe platform to access essential products and services with deferred payment option while ensuring that workers are not over-leveraged through purchase limits. iCare Benefits helps to improve workers’ and their families’ quality of life while boosting their morale and productivity at work.