iCB Provides Scholarships for Garment Workers’ Children

Times Reports: To help celebrate International Women's Day iCare Benefits Programme has provided vocational training scholarships to 5 outstanding children of deserving female garment workers so they can further their education. “The vocational training course scholarships valued at US$2,000 each will become an annual event to lessen the nancial burden on the families of workers”, announced iCare Bene ts Programme CEO, Ms Toomkham on International Women’s Day. The training courses include truck and tractor driving, construction, beauty salon skills, and hotel and hospitality at Corn Inc Industry Training Centre. Employers nominated the children of deserving female workers for the scholarships with the nal selection made by iCare Benefits as a way of highlighting International Women’s Day. The scholarships were presented by Ms Kaikham Onedamdy, International Finance Corporation Operations Officer and Honourable Ambassador to iCare Benefits Laos, and awarded to the children of hard working female garment workers as a reward for their loyalty and on the job diligence. The programme aims to allow disadvantaged workers to send their children to vocational training courses so they can develop marketable skills, nd jobs and be financially self- sustainable. “iCare would like to acknowledge the contribution of women in our society and the importance of gender equality knowing that we have a long way to go. Many women and their families struggle with poverty and face barriers to earning income, lack educational opportunities, and discrimination in the workplace,” explained Ms Toomkham. To empower women iCare Benefits is providing English courses to garment workers supported by IASEC under a Singaporean student exchange programme, labour saving products such as washing machines and refrigerators allowing women to spend more quality time with their families, recruiting female staff members, and hiring local women producerstomakeproductssuch as Lao traditional sinh. iCare Bene ts Programme makes sure women are truly visible in the organisation employing over 90 percent female staff. “We understand the importance of women in society, their in uence, and issues that affect them,” Ms Toomkham said. iCare Bene ts Programme helps improve the lives of workers and make dreams come true by offering interest free terms to allow them to purchase essential household products and services such as labour saving appliances, health check-ups, vocational training programmes and even well-deserved holidays. iCare Benefits began in 2014 and has been the pathway to a better life for workers by offering comprehensive employee benefits packages that enhance workers’ lives while boosting their morale, loyalty and productivity. Its goal is to open doors for people to access products and services that enable comfortable, healthy, smart and prosperous living. It is bridging gaps and tackling common problems in developing markets related to the affordability of staple goods and services while caring about people. ReadFull Articles Here: