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April 25

Join the Town Hall Meeting

Hey iCare!
We have some news for you:


Join the Town Hall Meeting
May 10th
16:50-17:30 Hrs
3rd floor, iCare HQ, 104 Mai Thi Luu, HCMC


If you cannot join us in the HCMC office, watch the livestream on Workplace.


1. Opening
2. Fun Quiz
3. Update on Business
4. Introduction to New Joiners and Recognition
5. Closing


Time to sell like never before! On March 23rd iCare Sales Team in the South joined training about products and process by Samsung, Oppo, and the iCare leadership team. We asked for feedback from the team:

"The training is very useful for the sales team. The Samsung's trainer delivered the content very professionally. I hope to have more such trainings. I also hope
the company will plan sales skills training to the team in the near future. "

Phuoc - ASM BD1

"The training level this time was higher. The sales teams were impressed with the professional preparation by our company. The internal sales procedure training was very helpful. The confusions around the process were addressed clearly. We hope the company continues holding more training to support sales."

Trung - ASM Pouyuen

The leadership team promises that it's just a beginning. With the Sales Optimization key initiative you can expect more sales training happening soon.

Stay tuned! And now... ready, steady…. sell!

iCare is in the spotlight again!

March 12th 2019, VTV1 joined us on a visit to the Thanh Cong factory (OEM for Apparel in HCMC) where iCare is conducting an awareness program and providing healthcare services in partnership with Marie Stopes International (MSI).

Click here to watch the video from VTV1.

This program has reached over 35,000 female factory workers on education of reproductive health and contraception.

By developing iCare’s offer in the Healthy Living Pillar we earn our partners’ and customers’ trust
and serve them throughout their entire life journey.

Did you say we had the Head
of Sales on board?!

Have you seen this handsome and cheerful gentleman in the office recently? Meet Mr. Phuong Bao Qui, our new Head of Sales!

First order from the new boss?
"Always please smile, when the mood is low and when the mood is high! Let’s be enthusiastic and full of energy so that our customers fall in love with us!“ Mr Qui asks all of us.

"I’m determined to use all my values and give my best to make iCare successful!“ - he also shared with us. "I care the most about my two kids“ the proud daddy said. He definitely understands well the life of a parent. We are sure he will lead our team to serve the iCare members (most of them are parents too!) the best they can.

"I’m here to be the most successful Head of Sales. It’s important to me because I am able to help a lot of people including the iCare team and the iCare members. To achieve this success, I will focus on building a strong and efficient sales team."

We are excited to work with Mr. Qui.

Are you?!


Meet The Clermont Group

Mr. Richard Chandler (born in New Zealand) founded the Clermont Group in 2006. The Clermont Group draws on more than a century of Chandler family business experience, firstly in advertising and then as a department store in Auckland, New Zealand since 1903 & 1973 respectively.  Mr. Richard Chandler joined the company in 1982 and helped it expand into a chain of fashion department stores in New Zealand. Later on, he became the biggest investor in Russia, Brazil, and Korea.

Moving forward, Richard Chandler decided to focus on what he was truly passionate about: building champion businesses which contribute to the prosperity and wellbeing of the communities they serve. To that end The Clermont group now builds and invests in businesses in sectors such as; healthcare, financial services, and aerospace. Currently, the group has its headquarters in Singapore and two other offices in Dubai and Vietnam.


In Vietnam, The Clermont Group invested in the Hoan My hospitals group in 2013, which was an unprofitable and poorly managed company at that time. It took 3 years for Clermont to make Hoan My group profitable and grow it from 5 hospitals in 2013 into 16 hospitals and 5 clinics currently.


Clermonts vision:

Ms Vu Thuy Anh, the chairwoman of Clermont Vietnam shared the vision with the leadership team, noting; “We are a long term investor. Whenever entering a new business, our touchstone is always the same: excellence, integrity and innovation. We aim to build a legacy - with a positive impact upon the country we invest in by building strong businesses and shaping a good culture.

Our target customers are the blue-collar group who do not have many opportunities to access the basic products and services in their daily lives. We want to serve this mass-market group by giving them choices to access affordable and quality financial and healthcare services and products from trusted providers.


We believe that with this approach we can narrow the gap between the high and low-income groups in the society, paving the way for the disadvantaged group to accumulate their assets and knowledge and ultimately to improve their living standard. With this effort we know that gradually the class of poor will get smaller and the middle class will grow.”

Leadership Kick Off Planning Meeting

On March 20th, the iCare leadership team gathered for the first time since iCare became part of The Clermont Group. Our leaders were welcomed by our founder; Mr Trung Dung, Mr Bruce Butler, and Ms Thuy Anh Vu - Clermont Vietnam’s chairwoman.


Bruce shared the strategic direction for the company in 2019. Next, the leaders kicked off the action planning around the 3 key initiatives: cost optimization, sales optimization, and loan optimization. We will share with you more about the progress of each initiative in the next newsletters.


Closing the day, Bruce prompted all iCare leaders to stay focused on the key initiatives and work with a sense of urgency. He noted that the competitors are ahead of us and we need to make maximum effort every day to become the first choice for our customers. We need to work as one team and work hard to win against the competition and become the most trusted brand for our customers.

Key Initiatives - First 100 Days

With the new investment from Clermont, the iCare  management team has started building a strong organization we all want to be proud of. The iCare team under Bruce’s leadership decided that the 3 key initiatives until end of June are:


(1) Cost optimization initiative.  led by Tuan and Chau. To achieve sustainable growth and profitability iCare needs to have a robust and disciplined cost control structure. With cost optimisation initiatives, we can and will restructure the organization and design and implement a stringent cost control system that enable us to get the best pricing and terms for all of our business functions.

Profitability allows us to bring more value to our customers and shareholders.



(2) Sales optimization.  We are continually improving in order to give our employees and consumers the very best. In continuation of that we have kicked off a Sales Transformation and Optimization project led by Hong and Kevin.


Over the last 2  years we serviced over 51,000 customers from within 1,000,000 potential customers, of which there were only 700 who had more than 1 transaction. Therefore, our objective is to increase this number to more than 2 transactions per customer.


In order to achieve more than 2 transactions per customer, our strategy includes:

  • Designing a Sales Incentive Program which will be a Win-Win for all of us.
  • Customizing a training program for our Sales team to improve the sales, product and process skills.
  • Strengthening our hiring from Screening and Shortlisting to Onboarding Processes.

(3) Loan optimization initiative. is led by Loan, Tam, and Kien. Currently, we have recorded that about 30%-40% of orders (for physical products & cash loans) are taking from over 30 minutes to 7 days to be approved.  The reasons are mainly due to unclear overlapped processes or too many manual steps taken by both sales and operation teams. The loan optimization’s target is to reduce the time consuming process from 7 days to 1 day by the end of June 2019,  and to 1 hour by the end of December 2019. As the result of this initiative, we believe it will create a better customer experience with a leaner and more efficient process for both sales and operation teams. In the next stage, we will continue to optimize the process dealing with 3rd parties such as banks or other enterprises.


Upcoming newsletters will highlight more details and progress in these 3 initiatives   altogether.