Data Analyst

No of vacancy: 10
Region: HCM
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Job Description

Co-ordinate with departments i.e. Finance / Revenue / Logistics / … to understand data/reporting request and take initiatives in developing new processes, templates for reporting.
- Design Business Intelligence reports and performance measurement dashboards to share with clients and management team.
- Daily/Weekly/Monthly performance analysis to monitor the performance of Business, to locate risk and to discover potential Business opportunities.
- Perform ad-hoc Business analysis, to drill down on certain Business challenges, providing conclusions and advice based on data analysis.
- providing insights related to customer understanding, customer scoring and forecasting of various Business metrics.

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Bachelor degree in Economics, Finance, Statistic, IT or related field.
- At least 01 year experience in Analytical tool (R, Python, Excel, …) and BI system (Pentaho BI, Metabase, Power BI, …)
- Knowledge in database programming or design skills, including relational database skills (SQL, Postgres, etc.)
- Exposure to emerging open source technologies is preferred
- Good number sense, logical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.
- Mature, progressive thinking, open minded, proactive, confidential, Work under pressure, - Have teamwork skills, work independently and self-study,
- Acceptable English communication.


Thu nhập : 6 - 12 triệu đồng / tháng (Lương cứng + thưởng theo doanh số)


Cơ hội thăng tiến (nhiều cấp độ quản lý: trưởng nhóm , quản lý…). 

Làm việc trong môi trường chuyên nghiệp. Được tham gia các khóa đào tạo nâng cao trình độ, kỹ năng nghề nghiệp


Được hỗ trợ mua sản phẩm của công ty với giá ưu đãi

Lương tháng 13, thưởng theo kết quả kinh doanh hàng tháng, hàng quý

Kí HĐLĐ, Tham gia đầy đủ BHXH, BHYT, BHTN.



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