New Partnership Between Hanoi Federation of Labour and iCare Benefits On April 26th, 2018 representatives of Hanoi Federation of Labour and iCare Benefits signed a new cooperation agreement.

Launching a Breastfeeding Campaign at PouYuen On May 15th 2018 a breastfeeding campaign “Sixty minutes working as a mom” was launched in Pou Yuen Viet Nam.

CONGRATULATION LUCKY CUSTOMERS iCB send a congratulation to the following customers who have received the lucky gifts in “Ngập quà, ngợp giá” program in July 2019


  • iCB serves workers at the base of economic pyramid who are over 85% of all our customers
  • Promotes economic and social inclusion, especially for female and migrant workers.


  • 85% of iCare members are women
  • Generating savings of 220 USD and 80 working hours per year for an average iCare member
  • Empower financial resilience of the household


  • Healthy Living – healthcare products and services
  • Programs in partnership with health expert organizations
  • Awareness raising about health issues for workers and their families


  • Smart Living – education products and services
  • School Supplies
  • Free and fee-based education


  • Public-private sector alliance to Improve Quality of Life for 100 million workers’ families

iCare Benefits Overview

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Health and Education Network Projects Overview

Annual Impact Reports

Rapid Impact Report iCareBenefits Vietnam 2016
Impact Survey 2015
Impact Survey 2014
Impact Case Study Time Cost Savings 2015

Healthy Living Reports

HPV Vaccination pilot Vietnam 2016
HPV Awareness Baseline Report Vietnam 2016
Smart Living reports

iCare Stories

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iCare Stories HPV


Infographic iCB reduces debt

iCare Benefits: WJS | Vietnam: The Challenges of Investing in Social Good

San Francisco-based venture capital firm Unitus Impact is betting on financial startups not in nearby Silicon Valley, but in far-away Vietnam like iCare Benefits.

iCare Benefits: Kim’s Story - Overview of iCare Benefits

Follow Kim’s story to understand how iCare Benefits improved her quality of life.

iCare Benefits: Kim’s Story - Smart Living

Smart Living helps workers to be more productive at work, gain supervisory or vocational skills to advance in their career, learn about being a better parent, or learn about something new to stimulate their mind for a smarter life.

iCare Benefits: Kim’s Story - Healthy Living

Healthy Living provides a more convenient, reliable, safe way for workers who have chronic illnesses to buy prescription medication they or their family members need through interest free installment payments.

iCare Benefits: Kim’s Story - Comfort Living

Comfort Living enables workers to enjoy more quality time together and creates happiness by replacing old, manual ways of doing things with new, more convenient ways.

iCare Benefits: iCB Testimonials English

iCare Benefits: iCB Kim Story OverView English