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Stop HPV: An inclusive vaccination program for healthy workers’ families

94% of workers participating in a survey conducted by iCare Benefits didn’t have knowledge about HPV and an overwhelming majority had never had a HPV vaccination. In partnership with Pasteur Institute, iCare Benefits has pioneered the access to HPV prevention for workers at the Base of economic Pyramid (BoP) by organizing free workshops and a vaccination program at the lowest cost. Currently iCare Benefits is scaling up the program to reach all its members and their relatives.  During the pilot in 4 factories, 660 workers and their relatives attended the HPV awareness workshops. iCare Benefits included 1-page information about HPV in its monthly iCare member catalog, printed in over 100,000 copies. Lastly, iCB and Pasteur developed a simple HPV awareness video shared via the iCare member mobile app available to all 2 million workers in all partnering factories. The cost of the HPV vaccination in a clinic in Ho Chi Minh City is 3.9 million VND (180 USD) - difficult to afford for factory workers making between 3.5 million and 7 million VND a month (150-300 USD). Thanks to iCare Benefits, workers have been able to purchase the HPV vaccination for 3.6 million VND with the payment deferred in 9 installments: 400,000 VND (~18 USD) per month, no interest. At the time convenient for workers and factory management, Pasteur Institute doctors visited factories to vaccinate workers and their relatives ensuring the highest safety and health standards. Among all 381 iCare members participating in the HPV pilot, 53% bought the vaccination for their daughters, 33% for themselves, and 14% for other relatives or friends. Thanks to the program conducted at their factory premises, at a lower price, without a need to apply for financing from financial institutions, and with 0%-interest installments payment, workers participating in the HPV vaccination program saved on average 58 USD and 13 working hours. More information can be found in the HPV Vaccination Pilot Report here:, iCare Benefits is scaling up the project, inviting all factories across Vietnam to host the HPV program.